This Contract Is Patently Unfair (Where Do I Sign?)

lyrics by Jay Leo Phillips and Mike Shepherd

Count it off
One, two, three
Here's our big apology
It can't be earned by common means
We put the fix in

We won't be sold
But for a price
We'll exchange some good advice
A narrow room might change your position

Where do I sign? Where do I sign?
Fuck the fine print
This is not your, this is not your
Average payoff

A ringing sound
A pain in the neck
Took more than you could expect
The lawyers wait, peripherally
Eyes on the ceiling

A dotted line
Is hard to see
But when the axe comes, finally
The bitter end is plain and apparent

It's all in your hands now
What's mine is yours and what's yours is yours
What's up with my finger?